Dr Talha Sami

Dr. Talha Sami graduated from St. George’s, University of London in 2013. He gained a 1st in Philosophy, Medicine and Society in an iBSc at UCL in 2011 during this time. He completed a MA in History from SOAS in 2016.
Currently he works as an A&E Registrar and GP.
He produces content for so far UNSAID which promotes progressive values and discussion focussing on health, race and religion through documentaries, interviews and podcasts.

He published the first two books to help training GPs pass the new RCA exam for RCGP. Take A Deep Breath: Diary of a Junior Doctor in the NHS During The Covid Pandemic entered Amazon’s Top 30 rankings twice and was covered by the BBC. He is also writing a 3-volume works on Islam in America.