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I work in a variety of settings from General Practice to A&E. I love the NHS and my job. I am currently documenting being on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic on so far UNSAID through documentaries and interviews. I am also writing a 3-volume series on American Islamic history. 
I wrote the first two texts for training GPs to pass the new RCA exam in the pandemic. Take A Deep Breath: Diaries of a Junior Doctor in the NHS During the Covid Pandemic entered the top 30 Amazon rankings on release and was covered on radio by the BBC.
so far UNSAID is a platform to promote the liberal arts, social dialogue and progressive values through documentaries and interviews. It is an alternative narrative. It centres on healthcare, religion and politics.
Dr Talha Sami
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so far UNSAID

so far UNSAID is about the other side. It promotes the liberal arts, social dialogue and progressive values through documentaries and interviews

so far UNSAID


I wrote the first two texts to pass the RCA exam for training GPs. I am also writing about American Islamic history from my forthcoming 3-volume works.

Pass The RCAArticles

Press & Media


Dr Talha Sami discusses the impact of the pandemic on frontline NHS workers in his new book

The book, which is an inside look at the frontline response of a doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic, came out on 12 April and went into the top 30 on Amazon for books on Doctor-Patient Relations


Surrey doctor publishes diaries documenting his 'highs and lows' of frontline work

Dr Talha Sami chronicled his experiences and feelings in a diary during the Covid-19 waves and multiple lockdowns, before deciding to publish his musings entitled Take A Deep Breath: Diary of a Junior Doctor in the NHS During The Covid Pandemic 


Dr. Talha discusses what it's been like for junior doctors throughout the Covid pandemic in a short documentary intertwined with a BBC interview

These were the real-time thoughts, feelings and challenges during the terrifying first wave. It is a highly personal take. It covers the personal trials and tribulations faced by the front line

Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence ― Vince Lombardi


The Spin Off Workshop

This course targets employees and employers. It is tailor-made for the employed individual but also the workspace whether it be teachers, doctors, nurses social workers and even students.

Part One of the Spin Off Workshop is about identifying the problem. It focuses on how mental health affects employers and employees. By the end of this you will be able to identify symptoms and discuss treatment

Part Two talks through the Spin Off model. It breaks down all the scientifically proven ways to boost mental health in our busy day to day lives using a never-seen-before model. By the end of this part you will be armed with the easy, practical tools to life your mood.

Diary Of A Junior Doctor in the NHS During The Covid Pandemic

Top 30 Amazon Seller

Think House meets Scrubs in the Covid-19 pandemic. This is an inside look into the frontline response of a doctor working through the Covid-19 pandemic. It chronicles failure, stress, romance, life and death during the worst health crises of the past 100 years. It has been called "refreshingly honest" by Dr Jeremy Howick (author of Doctor You)

I explore how BAME key workers stepped forward in the pandemic. Interviews explore the impact of Covid-19 in Canada, USA especially to African-Americans and of course the incredible NHS in the UK. I recount my own experiences including when I was recently racially abused at work. I became a doctor in 2013 and have seen since then how wonderful it has been to work with people from all backgrounds. I stand with ALL key workers in the pandemic which has disproportionately seen BAME key workers step forward to save the country whilst suffering the highest death tolls on a background of decades of inequality. This documentary examines how Covid-19 pandemic has affected Canada, African-Americans and of course the NHS. 

Dr Talha Sami
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